1. Register your attempt 48-hours before the start, by emailing aaronshim[at] with the start date/time and estimated completion time.
  2. Be self-sufficient, carrying all your food and supplies, with no stashes on the route; drinking mountain water is permitted.
  3. Receive no assistance from others.
  4. Navigate by map & compass
  5. If you start with a group, you must finish with the same group.
  6. Carry wet weather gear, first aid kit, bivvy bag, compass, map.
  7. Record the attempt on a GPS device and submit your GPX file upon completion.
  8. Start and finish at Pigeon Rock Car Park by touching the metal gate.
  9. Follow the route in a clockwise direction
  10. Touch each summit cairn
  11. Take some photos and submit a brief report with your GPX file

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