About & Rules

The Mourne 600 Challenge is inspired by the old Mourne 2000ft run of yesteryear.

This challenge should be completed in a self-sufficient nature and in the tradition of the classic mountain rounds, with free route choice between points. The aim is to complete the round within 12 hours.

Review the rules and plan your adventure:

  1. Register your attempt 48-hours before the start, by emailing Mourne600[at]gmail.com with a) Start date/time
    b) Estimated completion time.
  2. You must complete the challenge within 12 hours.
  3. Be self-sufficient, carrying all your food and supplies, with no stashes on the route; drinking mountain water is permitted.
  4. Receive no assistance from others.
  5. Navigate by map & compass.
  6. You must not run on top of the Mourne wall.
  7. If you start with a group, you must finish with the same group.
  8. Carry wet weather gear, first aid kit, bivvy bag, emergency food etc.
  9. Record the attempt on a GPS device and submit a single GPX file per person upon completion.
  10. Start and finish at Pigeon Rock Car Park by touching the metal gate.
  11. Follow the route in a clockwise direction
  12. Touch each summit cairn
  13. To have your time listed, submit a few paragraphs in the way of a report for the website with your GPX file

This is a personal challenge where competitors individually are responsible for their own safety.  The organiser does not accept any responsibility of any nature or kind for loss, damage or injury suffered by a participant who takes part in or attempts the challenge.

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